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YES!  We turn your brand into merchandise.

- Top companies trust us with their most valuable asset: Their Brand! -That tells us a lot.
- We understand the power of creative customized merchandise for every business as a great strategy to seriously increase
ROI (Return On Investment).
- Our Corporate Headquarters is located in South Florida. And to expedite deliveries and simplify logistics, we have 3 other strategic locations in NJ, CA and TX. 

- Our clientele goes from single
corporate clients to large franchise accounts, across the country, Canada and South America.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to be your number one supplier for branded products.
We work to conquer and hold on to your trust and loyalty in every occasion, not only through our product variety and quality, but also through our marketing tools and incentive programs.

The Recipe of our success

Base mix
- The Best clients from all different industries;
- An unbelievable open-minded team;

Add a generous portion of
- Creativity
- Fresh concepts
- Motivational and Inspirational environment
- Targeted Demographics
- Deadline respect
- Brand Protection
- Loyal Clients
- Team work
- Press with superior quality printing (Promos4PRESS*)
- Huge merchandise Selection
- Logistics Expertise
- High Quality Products
- Responsibility
- Event Experience
- Global Sourcing
- Inventory and Warehousing
(Delicate stirring needed to achieve greatest texture)

Garnish it all with
A freshly picked "Incentive program" (It works for us.  It works for you.*).

  Recipe is now ready and  good to serve your company in

Every Marketing Campaign.


Bom apetite!
Bon appétit !
Buen apetito
Dobry apetyt
Guten Appetit !
בתאבון !
Buon appetito!
хороший аппетит!

Office Location

2881 E Oakland Park Blvd, Ste 417 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
Phone: (877) 605-3443
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